A lot of citizens do not know that they can lose their right to purchase, carry, or own a gun if they are convicted of a crime that involves family violence.  That’s right, let’s say you get into a spat with your wife, you push her away while she’s in your face, and she falls down and gets scratched.  The police show up and arrest you.  Incidents like this happen every day.

Well, you end up in the State Court of Houston County, Ga., looking at a battery (family violence) charge.  You’re offered a plea bargain that involves a conviction for family violence battery, a minimal fine and a term of probation, no jail time.  You take it and you think it’s a fair disposition.

Then, you want to buy your next hunting rifle.  Forget it!  That conviction will be picked up by the feds upon your background check and under federal law you’ll be denied the right to buy that firearm.  In fact, that conviction just made it illegal for you to own or possess, or purchase any firearm for the rest of your life.  You can’t even be a law enforcement officer or a member of the military for the rest of your life.  Be very careful how you handle any criminal charge that is designated as involving family violence if you care about your Second Amendment rights.  Never forget that you can lose your Second Amendment rights if you are convicted for family violence battery.