Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mr. Morrow feels that the freedoms and rights of the American citizens are being slowly eroded in the criminal justice system. Too many “cop shows” and too many shows featuring prosecutors as stars has resulted in a citizenry that routinely accepts and endorses an abuse of individual liberty and constitutional rights by overzealous prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and pro-prosecution judges.

Criminal Defense

He will provide a complete and thorough defense against criminal charges. He has tried murder cases, armed robbery cases, kidnapping cases, assault cases, and other felony cases. He has successfully negotiated well-reasoned and fair pleas for clients charged with criminal offenses when it was in their best interest not to go to trial. Mr. Morrow has also handled the appeal of difficult criminal cases that were tried in front of juries and that had to proceed to the appellate judicial level for appropriate relief.

DUI Defense

He enjoys the increasing challenge of handling charges of Driving Under the Influence. With the draconian laws now in place in DUI cases and with the consequent heavy-handed punishment of those individuals unlucky enough to be convicted of DUI, Mr. Morrow feels that it is terribly important for a DUI defendant to retain the services of a DUI attorney who does a complete investigation of the case and who has a thorough knowledge of DUI law and who can provide a sound defense to charges of DUI in the courtroom. Mr. Morrow believes that a DUI attorney needs to be well trained. He took it upon himself to enroll in and to successfully complete the course of “DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing” so that he has the same training in DUI detection, field sobriety testing, and DUI arrests as do the law enforcement officers in the field.

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