Divorce Lawyer

Handling family issues that need to be managed within the legal system requires a special sort of patience and compassion combined with significant legal skill and experience. Mr. Morrow has learned through years of practice to listen carefully to his clients and to become thoroughly acquainted with the complex personal dynamics involved in each family law case. In doing so, he provides competent and professional assistance and representation in this field of law.


Mr. Morrow handles divorce cases that involve large marital estates or small marital estates. In his twenty-five years of legal practice he has helped all sorts of people from every walk of life work their way out of thorny personal and financial issues.

Child Custody

He takes pride in hanging tough in difficult child custody cases. He will fight hard to see that the child’s best interest and his client’s best interest are well served. To Mr. Morrow, child custody cases are some of the most important cases he handles because the future development of a human being is at stake. He has a strong belief that the rights of fathers as potential custodians of their children are not always well protected in the judicial system. Mr. Morrow takes the position that the fact that a human being is capable of giving birth to a child (i.e., is female) does not necessarily make that person the best custodial parent in a contest between the mother and the father of a child.

Child Support

He also takes pride in helping the mothers of children obtain child support from fathers who are reluctant to carry their appropriate financial burden and support their child. One of Mr. Morrow’s pet peeves is a father who will not support his child and who expects the mother and society at large to bear the financial burden of raising his child.

Juvenile Court

He will fight diligently in juvenile court to protect the rights of American citizens when they find themselves in a contest with the Department of Family and Children Services in juvenile court. Mr. Morrow feels that juvenile court is a forum where the constitutional rights of American citizens are in grave jeopardy and he does his level best to protect his clients and their rights in that judicial system.

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